Photonics Hub Symposium - Microdisplays 2019

High resolution and low power consumption are only two advantages of microdisplays. Their small screen sizes allow for their application in digital cameras and head-mounted displays.

The “Photonics Hub Symposium - Microdisplays 2019” will offer a platform to promote the dialogue and discussion between engineers, researchers and users in the field of innovative microdisplays technologies with a strong focus on VR/AR applications.



  • LCoS microdisplays
  • microLED microdisplays
  • OLED microdisplays
  • DLP microdisplays
  • Focus session on VR/AR application


Tabletop Exhibition:

An accompanying tabletop exhibition will offer you the opportunity to present your microdisplay products and services. If you are interested in an exhibition space, please contact us.

Exhibitor Package


For more details about the sponsoring package please contact us.

Sponsor Package


Program will follow soon



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29.10.2019 - 30.10.2019
11:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr


Congress Park Hanau


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