Program - Status May 2020

Tuesday, 29. September 2020
10:30Registration of the participants
11:35"Back on the road to success: Creating the recovery together!", 
Claudia Buhl, VDI/ VDE Innovation und Technik GmbH
12:10„Photonics' Impact on Quantum Technologies 2.0“, 
Johannes Verst,Quantum Business Network
12:35„Characterization of chemical-mechanical polishing processes for optical glasses”, 
Christian Trum, Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
13:00„SCHOTT internal Qualification Standards for chalcogenide glasses according
 to ISO 19742”, 
Gernot Weber, SCHOTT Advanced Optics 
14:35„Printing of Optics for Next Generation Products”, 
Dr. Benedikt Stender, Multiphoton Optics
15:00"Current results on laser-based production of complex optics in glass",
 Simon Schwarz,Arbeitsgruppe ALP,Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg
15:25„New possibilities in the production of micro-optics through precision glass molding”, 
Dr. Michael Wolz, GD Optical Competence GmbH
15:50Coffee Break
16:30„Cleaning Process for Precision Optics prior Coating“, 
Alan Popozoglo NGL Cleaning GmbH
16:55"Contactless handling via ultrasound", 
Dr. Sonja Hanselmann, ZS- Handling GmbH 
17:20„Automated test and assembly concepts for demanding optical systems“,
Tobias Müller, Aixemtec GmbH
19:00Dinner Wetzlarer Hof
Wednesday, 30. September 2020
09:00"Glassomer - Processing glass like a polymer", 
Frederik Kotz, Universität Freiburg, Laboratory of Process Technology, NeptunLab, 
Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK)
09:25"Innovative precision glass processing with hybrid CNC technology", 
Adrian Helming, EXIST - Gründungsprojekt ShapeFab
09:50"Pushing the limits: 40µm Ion Beam Processing",
 Dr. David Schäfer, NTG Neue Technologien GmbH
10:15Coffee Break
Session 1: Aspheres and Freeform optics
10:40„Free-Form Surfaces: Opportunities and Challenges for Optics Production“, 
Dr. Max Schwade, Satisloh GmbH
11:05"New tools for polishing and measuring challenging geometries", 
Jean Pierre Lormeau, QED Technologies International Inc.
11:30"Characterization and compensation of free-form optics on the IL600 ultra precision machining center", 
Dr.-Ing. Christian Wenzel, Innolite GmbH
11:55“Process capabilities in optics, as a function of tolerance and geometry in aspherical manufacturing”,
Dalibor Mikulic,Schneider GmbH & Co. KG
Session 2: Coating
10:40“Interference coating systems for low-loss laser coatings”, 
Dr. Harro Hagedorn, Bühler Alzenau GmbH
11:05"New developments in the series production of coated glass and plastic components at Bte",
 Dr.Franz-Josef Urban,Bte Bedampfungstechnik GmbH
11:30"Hybrid broadband anti-reflection coating for high index glasses", 
Matthias Kraus, Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena 
11:55“High temperature resistant antireflection coatings on plastic optics“, 
Bernhard Willnauer, Viaoptic GmbH
13:00„Simple centering technology on aspheres - also double-sided“,
13:25"Real-time measurement of the image quality at several field positions for adjustment of complex lenses",
 Benjamin Stauß, Trioptics GmbH
13:50"Practical solutions for measurement tasks in the optical industry", 
Kai Brückmann OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH
14:15„Digitally and physically networked process chains of optics production at the Aachen Center for Optics Production“, 
Max Riediger, Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnik IPT 
14:40„Testing and characterization of challenging optics in emerging applications with Shack Hartmann wavefront sensors“, 
Julie Siv, Imagine Optics 
15:05End of Meeting