Information on research and development projects

Proposals for R&D projects are collected during the design phase by consortia consisting of international partners drawn from the Optence network and the target regions. At least two of these partners must be members of the Optence network. A neutral entity will select up to three projects that will then be funded during the implementation phase.

Funding conditions

  • funding budget: up to EUR 3 million for 3 R&D projects for a period of 3 years

  • up to 50% funding rate for commercial enterprises

  • possibly higher funding rates for SMEs

  • up to 100% funding rate for research institutes

  • additional project flat rate of 20% for universities

Fundable costs

  • material costs

  • labor costs (man hours worked for the project)

  • travel expenses

  • depreciation of project-specific equipment

  • computer costs

  • services provided by third-parties

  • necessary costs for SMEs to apply for industrial property rights (patent attorney, patent office)


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