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The initiative "Internationalization for joint innovations in photonics" promotes the creation of a long-term international cooperation between partners from research, development, manufacturing and application in the area of photonics.

The initiative further aims at developing new tools to more strongly involve SMEs and research institutes in international cooperation projects. For this purpose a technology and competence database was developed to capture the skills of the Cluster participants and those of the international partner clusters in a single online catalogue. This enables users to post their technological expertise and, in turn, search for specific competences of other cluster players and for potential international cooperation partners.

The involved players will be supported in harnessing and developing their potentials, skills and cooperativeness in order to improve the prospects of SMEs to participate in cross border research projects and to subsequently launch marketable innovations, thus enabling them to open up new international business segments.

In the framework of this internationalization initiative up to three R&D projects of Optence members can be funded during the implementation phase.


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