Accompanying measures

International education and training

Education and training programs of the target regions are evaluated and if necessary adapted for Optence cluster participants, or the Optence education and training programme is installed in the target regions in consultation with, and with the support of the network managers. 

Staff exchange

A staff exchange program is developed and offered together with companies in the target regions and with local universities in particular. This will take place in the form of internships, bachelor or master theses or exchange of specialists and will be implemented with the support of the network managers in the target regions. 

Workshops on intercultural competence

Three intercultural competence workshops about the target regions will take place in the second half of the design phase starting in 2019. 

Establishing an advisory service on IP regulations

Independent of the selected target regions Arizona, Finland, and Lithuania and within the framework of the cluster internationalization initiative, an IP advisory service will be set up for the cluster participants.

Matchmaking at the Optatec trade show in Frankfurt

On the occasion of the Optatec fair that took place from May 15th to 17th 2018 in Frankfurt we organized matchmaking meetings between Optence members and companies from the target regions Arizona, Finland, and Lithuania. Optence members used this opportunity for specific exchange with interesting companies from these regions. 


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